Alicja Kwade “The resting thought”

Du 12/01/2019 au 01/09/2019
Jardin François 1er, 37000 Tours, France


For her first institutional solo exhibition in France, the artist Alicja Kwade, based in Berlin, is investing the CCC OD with a new work. For several years, Alicja Kwade's sculptural work has shown an unparalleled formal development. Today, it culminates in this monumental production, on the scale of the Nave of the art centre.

During her participation in the Venice Biennale in 2017, Alicja KWade presented the work WeltenLinie, which initiated her unique exploration of space, its perception and their common relativity. Since then, the internationally topical artist has developed other works that have allowed him to replay these notions in various contexts and formats. It is all these experiences that the artist mobilizes and synthesizes for this new work entitled Sub-Stance to the CCC OD.

The title of this new installation, which could be translated as “thinking at rest”, invites us to pause. By taking the form of a labyrinth, Alicja Kwade transports us both into an architectural space, but also into a psychological dimension related to a thought process.

The artist questions reality by highlighting the established human systems that allow us to understand it, such as the principles of measuring time and space. Rooted in mentalities as evidence, these theories are paradoxically only physical or philosophical interpretations. To better reveal them, Alicja Kwade explores the material and uses objects from everyday life by making them undergo multiple modifications in order to question our perception.

The visitor’s movement in the installation induces a movement of the images and an evolution of the sculpture’s shapes, in the manner of a sequencing. This poetic proposal introduces a complex set of reflections on the world around us by multiplying points of view and engaging our bodies.

The exhibition of Alicja Kwade is realized with the support of kamel mennour Paris / London

The exhibition is part of the artistic and cultural programme of the international event “Viva Leonardo Da Vinci, 500 years of RenaissanceS”



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