Aliens in green

Le 26/01/2019 de 16:30 à 21:00
24 Route de la Chapelle, 18000 Bourges, France


"Aliens in Green" are the antagonists to Men in Black. These ecological aliens came down to Earth to study the absurdity of human behaviour in the face of ecological collapse that threatens us. "Aliens in Green" study the human body and mind in their theatre-laboratory.

Bandits-Mages and Emmetrop invite you to the theatre-laboratory of the Aliens in Green collective.

This performance is part of a Human tech days day, meetings of fablabs, hackerspaces, medialabs and digital public spaces and Perspectiv’Act

For this exploration of the Berruyer territory, the Aliens in Green are particularly interested in exposure to synthetic chemicals that unbalance the human and non-human hormonal systems. Indeed, despite the toxic effects of these endocrine disrupters, the petrochemical, agri-food and pharmaceutical industries continue to lobby, while humans continue to consume and expose themselves to these substances.

The latter can be considered as xenopowers that regulate or pollute our bodies and our environment. At the same time, the terms “?anormal?” or “?perturbateur?” are at the centre of most environmental and critical discourse, focusing the debate on gender ambiguity and threats to the reproductive future. These arguments reinforce a purity policy and reflect an eco-hetero-normative value system. What is “?normal?” and “?naturel?”? Wouldn’t our queer friends and our alien genre have a future in this increasingly toxic landscape? The “?Aliens in Green?” want to provoke “?une crisis of corps?” which gives way to non-prescriptive subjectivities, by proposing a resistance “?Alien?” that they call xenosolidarity.

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