Nothing to deny, Ante Timmermans

Du 27/04/2019 au 01/09/2019
234 Rue des Ponts, 45200 Amilly, France


Ante Timmermans is a Flemish artist, designer, graphic designer and performer. From sketches to sculpture or performance, his exhibition discusses with this time the "determination" that the Renaissance was: that of a new spirit, a new thought, new codes of representation prevailing in the construction of the world.

Like the commemorated artist, it is in the simplicity of the line, in the economy of means proper to drawing, through the emerging form through the trace that Ante Timmermans approaches his relationship to the world: he draws as much as he writes, he declaims as much as he notes, he speaks as much as he dreams, all this while letting go the pencil on the surface of the paper, the notebook, a wall. He also combines and assembles objects, playing, in accumulation, to sketch formal balances. He poses, fixed, these precarious and fleeting forms, these poetic and strong presences that drawing generates just as well. He observes them, juxtaposes them, arranges them. It constitutes families that participate each time in a new assembled world. Drawing is defined at the threshold of these singular imago mundi, in the multiplicity of these small reconstructed realitie
. In the visual abundance in which they appear to be dressed in this way, there is a sometimes smiling, sometimes melancholic absurdity
The world of Ante Timmermans has a strange look, crossed by the shadows of Kafka, Camus, Beckett.

Éric Degoutte

Associate Curator Philippe Van Cauteren, Artistic Director of the S.M.A.K, Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, Belgium. This exhibition will be accompanied by an edition, co-organized with the SMAK of Ghent and Roma Publishing.

Visual: Der Souffleur des Ichts, 2014-2016, performative installation, mixed technique. Collection S.MA.K – long-term loan from the Collection of the Flemish Community, photo credit Dirk Pauwels.

Collection S.M.A.A.K. – Long-term loan of the Collection of the Flemish Community



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