Azay’s enchantments

Du 02/04/2018 au 31/12/2019
19 Rue Balzac, 37190 Azay-le-Rideau, France


A dreamlike journey designed by the artist-plasticians Piet.s O and Peter Keene inspired by the castle's Renaissance collections.

At the invitation of the Centre des monuments nationaux, the visual artists “Les enchantements d’Azay” dream installations of “Les enchantements d’Azay” dream installations of Piet.sO and Peter Keene and Peter Keene and Peter Keene and Peter Keene have taken over the first floor of the castle with six installations, “delightful surprises” in reference to Renaissance arts and techniques. Do “Azay’s Enchantments” lead the audience on a journey of dreamlike installations – miniature automaton worlds, a banquet invaded by animated creatures, immense dresses, secret furniture, etc. – inspired by mythology and in particular the figures of the magician Armide and Psyché, both of whom are present in the tapestries of the rooms on the first floor (La Jérusalem Délivrée and L’Histoire de Psyché). In reference to Renaissance artists invited to transform castles into enchanted palaces,” Azay’s Enchantments” dream installations of” Azay’s Enchantments” Piet’s dream installations.sO and Peter Keeneet Peter Keeneet Peter Keeneet Peter Keeneet use the performing arts of the time to create their animated installations with marvellous objects and thus amaze visitors as they walk through the rooms of the castle… Here, automatons and learned mechanisms : animated sets appear on a table set up in the spirit of the wonders of 16th century watchmaking. There, a book of grotesques brings back to life through its pages creatures inspired by mythological and fantastic beings figured on the frescoes of Roman villas and having inspired Renaissance artists, the artistic universes of “Les enchantements d’Azay” dreamlike installations by Piet.sO and Peter Keene and Peter Keeneet Peter Keene come together around the notion of memory that they shape in their own way in their personal works: Piet.sOen reclaiming tales and myths to write his missing story, in a half-melancholic, half-set game populated by wedding dresses, vanities; Peter Keene exploring the utopias of science history through mechanical and sound installations.

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