Biennale XL-ART ” Painting is a poetry that can be seen…” Da Vinci

Du 26/04/2019 au 28/04/2019
La Mulonnière, 37360 Saint-Antoine-du-Rocher, France


The Biennale XL ART 2019 invites you to discover contemporary large format creation. The journey is striking, explosive, sometimes disturbing, but irresistibly creative!

The original contemporary exhibition Grands Formats created in 2010, became in 2013 the XL-Art biennial, recognized as an essential event on the Tourangelle cultural scene.

The Nobuyoshi area, located 7 km from Tours on the road to Le Mans, is an exceptional place, with majestic residences, unique gardens, loved and sculpted by the late Dominique Beauchesne.

For a very special XL-Art 2019 exhibition, 70 artists: sculptors, painters, photographers, some of them renowned will reveal themselves through their creations. Performers will take up the challenges of Taille, they will transform their works over the weekend before the eyes of visitors. A beautiful tribute will be paid to Leonardo da Vinci, in this place which would undoubtedly have inspired him, because to use one of his quotations: “who blames painting, blames nature! »

The 2019 edition promises to be a very emotional one. The Public will experience once again, an encounter with a contemporary art that is alive, stunning, sometimes embarrassing but which will leave no one indifferent…

WELCOME to the XL Biennale Art 2019.



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