Cannes 1939

Du 12/11/2019 au 17/11/2019
Orléans, France


1st Cannes Film Festival 1939 in Orléans

The first Cannes International Film Festival, initiated by Jean Zay, then Minister of National Education and Fine Arts, from Orléans, was to open on 1er?septembre 1939. This first-rate film event was conceived as a cultural and diplomatic response by the “?nations libres?” to the Venice Film Festival, whose programming had become a fascist propaganda tool. Thus, the genesis of the Cannes Film Festival lies in these two dimensions: the joyful and popular celebration of world cinema and the militant affirmation of cultural and democratic values against the emerging dictatorships.

The Jean Zay Cannes 1939 Committee intends to present, eighty years later, in 2019 in Orléans, the city of Minister Jean Zay, this first international film festival, as planned in Cannes. This rebirth will be accompanied by a work of remembrance and a willingness to propose elements likely to accompany and extend this event.

Festival program:

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