Chambord, the eternal cycle a film by Laurent Charbonnier.

Du 19/09/2019 au 31/12/2019
Centre-Val de Loire, France


Come and discover a film to make people love history A film for an exceptional birthday!

1519. François 1st ordered the construction of a “beautiful and sumptuous building in place of Chambord”.

This is not the first time that the young king has worked on an architectural project. In the castles of Amboise and Blois, he has already invited the best craftsmen to carry out improvement or extension work.

In Chambord, the ambition is quite different. Imbued with the spirit of the Renaissance and close to Leonardo da Vinci, Francis I wanted to create a work, a personal work on top of that.

The building must show its power, its aura, its taste for innovation. The monarch makes the bold choice of an assertive aesthetic to better distinguish himself from the constructions of the past and to make his mark.

Chambord is a monument of beauty and intelligence. Chambord is the very expression of the Renaissance. Not only because Chambord is the most important civil building of this period, but because its design and symbolism express the idea of perpetual renewal, the life cycle, man’s place in the cosmos and a form of eternity

Public premiere of the film on September 19, 2019 at the Capciné cinema in Blois.

Reservation on the cinema site from June 2019.

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