Cities and Castles of Haut-Berry, Drawings by Jean Chen

Du 14/03/2019 au 22/04/2019
Rue Jean Marie Heurtault de Lamerville, 18000 Bourges, France


Jean CHEN's artist does the rest: bright and colourful watercolours that show the evolution of the restitution of cities during the Renaissance, that of their monuments, for some disappeared, of their streets, their ramparts, their rivers,...

In December 2018, Jean Chen published a second book of watercolours devoted to the heritage of Upper Berry. True to his method, he combines the reliability of historical information, drawn from the publications of learned societies and the best specialists, with the precision of the line and the virtuosity of the brush. From Bourges to Sancerre, from Mehun-sur-Yèvre to Aubigny-sur-Nère, from castles to churches, the exhibition organized at the Cher County Archives allows us to compare the works of Jean Chen with documents that may have inspired them.

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