Le 16/08/2019 de 19:30 à 22:30
Mairie, 1 Route de Cosne, 18240 Boulleret, France


Un été à Boulleret is a festival marked street arts which takes place from June to September where street shows, concerts, gastronomy, nature outings... giving pride of place to local, departmental, regional and international talents. All shows are free of charge. The 2019 edition will have a very special flavour as it will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Inextrémiste Co.


The challenge is quite clear: to try to create a human balance on objects governed by the law of weightlessness that we are forced to tame as best we can for the survival of our heads. From this physical challenge was born the idea of telling a humanist story where individuals necessarily depend on other individuals and where only solidarity and listening to others promise the survival of the group.

In short: Bim, Bam, Bam, Boom are in balance, Bim falls. Who is left? No one. If Bim falls, they all fall!

Street circus proposed by the municipality – Free admission

Drink and catering on site with the hunting company



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02 48 72 40 93

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