Faces of Reconstruction

Du 15/06/2019 au 30/09/2019
45500 Gien, France


An outdoor photographic exhibition

Exhibition designed to renew the image of the Reconstruction of the city, considered at the time as one of the “jewels of Reconstruction”.

From June 15 to 18, 1940, the city centre of Gien was almost completely destroyed. There are more than 2000 people affected and more than 600 houses and monuments destroyed. The “Renaissance of Gien” only began to emerge after the war.

The tourist trail links the city centre with Anne de Beaujeu’s castle, the first of the Loire castles, in the new plans.

To visualize the entrance, the architect Henri Laborie asked the painter André Trébuchet in 1956 to imagine a work to be made in Gien earthenware. Several sketches are proposed but they remain in draft form due to the early death of the painter

the original project to make in Gien earthenware is now being taken up again; it will be made in fresco, based on one of André Trébuchet’s sketches (1956) by the painter Frédéric Gardinier.

– Official public inauguration on Saturday, June 15, 2019

-Concert in front of the entrance of the tourist path by the jazz group “Les Têtes de l’Art” – standards of the 50s – concert for all audiences, free



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