Faicts and Dicts of Justice in the village of St Gondon

Le 28/04/2019 de 15:00 à 16:30
Rue du Prieuré, 45500 Saint-Gondon, France


Theatrical talk on Renaissance justice by Agnès Herzog - magistrate at the T.G.I of Paris (Tribunal de Grande Instance) and the actors of the Cie Pro de l'Escabeau-pépinière théâtrale de Briare.

In the country of Genoa, neither Chambord nor Chenonceau. However, we are fortunate to have sacred but also secular buildings in very good condition dating back to the Renaissance. The Cie pro de L’Escabeau-pépinière théâtrale has imagined this territory as a map of Tendre: a dialogue between stone and some major themes of the Renaissance.

Rendez-vous in St Gondon for a dramatized talk about Justice, which will start in the priory and continue in the streets of St Gondon to end in front of the house of justice. An invitation to discover innovations in the field of justice, and to discover minutes of trials from the Renaissance.



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