Festival Les Nourritures élémentaires, Rabelais, du vin et des Idées

Du 31/10/2019 au 03/11/2019
37500 Chinon, France


A multidisciplinary festival based on the work of François Rabelais and wine, which has been in existence since 2016 and offers conferences on Rabelais but also on a theme based on the writer's work and chosen each year. Artistic events, site visits and Chinon wine tastings punctuate this original event which attempts to explore Rabelais' complex thinking and see if it can still speak to us today. More broadly, the festival entitled Les Nourritures élémentaires questions what ultimately feeds us.

The traditional image of Rabelais in the region is that of a bon vivant handling satire and grotesque, a character who finds the truth in food and good wine. But beyond the convivial and festive side, Rabelais’ work has raised essential questions in this emerging renaissance, the theatre of religious quarrels, humanist aspirations, debates on ideas, medical advances and the conquest of the new world. What has become of these questions today?

This meeting aims to make Rabelais’ words and thoughts resonate through his different living environments: the city of Chinon, La Devinière, Les Caves Painctes, the Abbey of Seuilly in order to get to know better the one about whom we talk a lot but whom we do not know very well. This repositioning of this Renaissance author’s work should serve as a basis for a broader questioning on themes that are dear to him, making it possible to open discussions on our contemporary questions.



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