Festival Promenades Photographiques, the festival of the unseen

Du 14/06/2019 au 31/08/2019
41100 Vendôme, France


For 15 years, Les Promenades Photographiques, Festival de l'Inédit has been offering a three-month tour of the city of Vendôme, a city of art and history. The festival highlights photography as part of the city's historical heritage. To nurture the field of ideas, strengthen critical thinking and social cohesion, create a dialogue between multiple horizons, culture, art and education remain a pressing necessity. 2009: An edition for a "Eulogy of slowness" This year, the Promenades Photographiques are fifteen years old, while the Centre-Val de Loire Region is celebrating Leonard de Vinci's death in Amboise 500 years ago. Bringing together perspectives, practices and generations is a founding value of this festival. Here the image is thought, made, delivered to the hands of the shooter who will reveal the final product. Photographers will come back for several months or years on their work. In the race to accelerate, it is essential to slowly return to reflection and mature action to safeguard our plural cultures. Taking a breath to enjoy everyday life, reflecting in conscience on the consequences of our actions, this is also the credo of the photographers gathered this year to write together this photographic sentence, gently, but surely unforgettable...



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