Human-Nature relations: towards a new humanism?

Le 30/04/2019 de 18:30 à 20:30
1 Avenue du Champ de Mars, 45100 Orléans, France


Inauguration of the 2019 Cnam conference cycle in the Centre-Val de Loire region "Economic development and biodiversity. From the Renaissance to tomorrow..."

The way of considering “non-human” living beings is a question that all men have asked themselves, throughout history and in the diversity of civilizations. Our Western conception is marked by a strong divide between humans and the “rest of nature”.

How and why did this conception come about?

What are the consequences?

Will this dualist conception continue?

Are we moving towards a new humanism that integrates all living beings into a global vision of the future of our planet?

Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis, a normal biologist and doctor of science, chairs the association “Humanité et Biodiversité”. He has spent his research career at INRA in the field of aquaculture and was Executive Director of this organization. He was President of the National Museum of Natural History and Inspector General of Agriculture. In particular, he published “Voir la vie autrement, éloge de la biodiversité” (Seeing life differently, praising biodiversity) at l’Aube publishing house.

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