The Labyrinth of Zone i

Du 21/09/2019 au 27/10/2019
Le Moulin de la Fontaine, 41100 Thoré-la-Rochette, France


Where does a labyrinth lead us? Or rather, what encounters do we have there? In the humanist spirit of the Renaissance, the labyrinth leads to the discovery of oneself, setting out an unexpected path from which one emerges changed, metamorphosed. For an artist, the loss of reference points caused by this omnipresent maze makes it possible to devote the visitor entirely to the reception of the artistic work, he becomes almost an actor. For Zone i, a new space dedicated to the image and the environment in the Loir et Cher, a new possibility emanates from the labyrinth: that of reforesting a one-hectare field by crossing two artists' residences with a cultural mediation offer.

Image de soi et Land Art, a first residency of Jean-Philipe Mauchien.

The first period of the labyrinth runs from July to September 2019 and is dedicated to its construction by the Vendôme artist Jean-Philippe Mauchien, for whom the integration of biodiversity into the artistic work is an integral part of the creative process. To design the labyrinth’s path, he uses ancient materials recovered on a local scale: doors, windows, mirrors… Each element multiplies the possible directions of the path, as if the labyrinth’s path were only a succession of shortcuts and reflections leading from one thing to another to meet oneself.

As the work is built in a dynamic Land Art, nature is given free rein to structure the path and walls according to its growth and the consequences of time. During the inauguration of the labyrinth on 15 September 2019, a large part of this fresco-mirror will have undergone a radical transformation due to the climate during the summer.

Until the end of October, the labyrinth will be open to the public every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 6pm.

Image of the other and photographic archives, a second residence of Catherine Poncin

Received in residence for the second season of the Labyrinth project in 2020, artist Catherine Poncin creates a journey of historical images from departmental archives and residents’ albums around Zone i. The journey towards the encounter with oneself is now combined with a journey of stories and portraits juxtaposing the visitor’s reflections. The artist reinforces the sense of quest and identity by adding multiple stories to the structure of the initial journey.

A pedagogical program

Parallel to the exhibition periods, an opening is proposed to the public of the Vendômois region for an educational program around the concept of the labyrinth, self-image and the evolutionary creative process drawing its resources from a local environment.



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