Leonardo da Vinci, mirror of our thoughts of the 21st century

Du 02/01/2019 au 06/12/2019
31 Avenue Louis Maurice Chautemps, 45200 Montargis, France


Writing workshops conducive to creation, imagination, experimentation, freedom of expression

The man

For Leonardo da Vinci, poet, philosopher and fabulist, observation was central to his work, he particularly observed nature, trees, fruits, animals, elements, water, air, fire…, and made them characters.

The mirror

At a time of major transformations, particularly societal, climatic and digital transformations, Leonardo da Vinci’s vision still resonates today because it helps to raise people’s awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues.

The ambition

Lead a collective project to unite people around Leonardo da Vinci’s fables, legends, maxims and riddles. Address them in the context of the Renaissance. Encourage writing, reading, comprehension, sources of reflection and exchange.

The publication

Illustrate and stage people’s written productions. To build a Franco-Italian book, to share it as widely as possible via the means of digital communication.



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