Leonardo da Vinci, the secret music

Du 22/08/2019 au 21/09/2019


Concert by Doulce Mémoire: a musical journey to the heart of Vinci's famous paintings.

For this concert with or without scenography, Doulce Mémoire will leave for each of Leonard’s paintings in search of his secret music, the one that resonates with the work in connection with its theme or poetic universe. An approach that is both scientific, since the music is contemporary with Vinci, but also eminently poetic, to enter the mental universe of this genius.

Calendrier :

22/08/2019 20:00-21:00Jacques Coeur Palace - 10Bis Rue Jacques Cœur, 18000 Bourges, France
21/09/2019 21:0036600 Valençay, France



Telephone number

02 47 66 13 28

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