Leonardo da Vinci’s hydraulic inventions

Le 19/11/2019 de 18:30 à 20:30
6 Rue Anne de Bretagne, 41000 Blois, France


"Water is the driving force of all nature. " (Leonardo da Vinci)

Leonardo da Vinci’s hydraulic inventionsLecturer
: Pascal Brioist

Water was one of the first sources of energy used by mankind. There is no possible energy production without water, a very current problem….

In Leonardo da Vinci‘s vision of the world, water played the same role for the earth as blood in the human body.

Leonard’s idea of controlling water and making it useful is expressed in many projects (canal construction and marsh dewatering) that occupied him during his last years. Leonardo da Vinci’s other interest was to keep the waters clean in the rivers. He wanted to find techniques to make the water currents come into the middle of the rivers by crossing and braiding each other.

As Pascal Brioist (2012) points out “?tout throughout his life, Leonardo da Vinci devoted his time and thought to water management, exploitation and control systems. Inventor as well as engineer, he developed various innovative hydraulic machines, which, if they improved production, also had architectural, artistic and esthétiques?”.

Pascal Brioist: Professor at the François-Rabelais University of Tours and attached to the Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance, specialist in cultural history, the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci.

Pascal Brioist has also established himself through his work in the history of science and technology. He scientifically advises the Leonardo da Vinci Park in Clos-Lucé on its developments and cultural events. He has curated major exhibitions and his expertise is internationally recognized.

He is responsible for the new edition of Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks (Gallimard, “Quarto” 2019), Les audaces de Léonard de Vinci (2019, Ed. Stock) and Leonardo da Vinci, the War Man (2013, Alma Eds).

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