Leonardo’s secret inventions

Du 16/07/2019 au 13/08/2019
Place de l'Hôtel de ville, 37600 Loches, France


A commedia dell'arte show in downtown Loches, presented by the Compagnie Le Miroir aux alouettes.

May 3, 1519. The famous troupe of the Fedeli Ancestral arrives in Loches after having gone to Amboise to visit his friend Leonardo da Vinci, who is very ill. The Renaissance genius wants to see the actors again one last time, who made him laugh so much when he was in Ludovic Sforza’s service in Milan.

Upon entering an inn, Harlequin, Florinda, Pants and Capitano learned that Leonardo had just died. Desperate, they drown their sorrows in wine, and then meet the former jailer of Sforza who was a prisoner in the keep of Loches between 1504 and 1508. They immediately sympathized and, after several drinks, the jailer recounted that he had a mysterious codex entrusted to him by the Duke of Milan a few days before his death. This codex would contain Leonardo da Vinci’s secret inventions… that Italian actors will be able to reveal to the public!

Writing, directing: Yves Krier.



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