Magnificences at the Court of France

Du 20/06/2019 au 23/07/2019


Doulce Mémoire's show mixing music, song, dance and rebirth costumes: a celebration at the court of Francis I.

Francis I ascended the throne of France at the age of 20. King builder, king patron, king knight, he surrounded himself with the most illustrious artists, architects and engineers of the Renaissance including Leonardo da Vinci, Benvenuto Cellini and the Primatice. Young, athletic and excellent dancer, Francis I will ask all these artists to participate in the entertainment that will culminate in the court festivities called Magnificences, whose singularity and extravagance are matched only by their refinement.

Calendrier :

20/06/2019 20:00-21:30Cities of the Nantes congresses - 5 Rue de Valmy, 44000 Nantes, France
23/07/2019 20:00-21:30Royal Castle of Amboise - Montée de l'Emir Abd el Kader, 37400 Amboise, France



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