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Du  15/03/2019  au  11/10/2019


Italian Film Cycle

In 2019, the City of Loches is partnering with Cinéma Royal Vigny to present seven films that are essential to Italian cinema.

Du  20/03/2019  au  31/08/2019


Cruise on the Cher canalized river

Admire the sumptuous Château de Chenonceau by the river and discover how needle dams work and its manual locks, partly invented by Leonardo da Vinci...

Du  30/03/2019  au  30/09/2019


Viva Polaris! [ Viva Polaris! ]

Rediscover the castles of the Loire Valley as you have never seen them before, in an exceptional place: the Château Royal d'Amboise.

Du  30/03/2019  au  03/11/2019


2019 Art Season: Exhibitions and installations of contemporary art

Twelve artists are invited to Chaumont-sur-Loire for this new season of art and nature, under the sign of dream and poetry. Thus, in the west...

Du  01/04/2019  au  11/11/2019


The Renaissance in Loches: architectures from Italy

At the beginning of the 16th century in Loches, many buildings came out of the ground and were inspired by Italian architectural fashion. Let yourself...

Du  01/04/2019  au  31/10/2019


Group day: The Renaissance over the Loir

Discover the Renaissance in Châteaudun for a day. At 10:00 am follow the tour of the Château de Châteaudun on the theme of the Renaissance...

Du  01/04/2019  au  30/09/2019


Renaissance Perfumes and Cosmetics – Discovery-Initiation

Historical perfumes by Nicolas de Barry: discovery of perfumery during the Renaissance*.

Du  03/04/2019  au  31/12/2019


Exhibition “L’Hôtel Renaissance des Lallemant”

A pioneering building of the first Renaissance, Hôtel Lallemant is being rediscovered thanks to a new museography.

Du  03/04/2019  au  30/09/2019


The Modern Mona Lisa: exhibition / competition

Art Hôtel has given free expression to local artists, amateurs and students of applied arts on the theme of the "Modern Mona Lisa".

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