Reading of Michèle Desbordes’ REQUEST

Le 17/05/2019 de 19:00 à 20:00
33 Rue Jean Baptiste Charcot, 41000 Blois, France


Reading aloud Michèle Desbordes' novel "La Demande", by Guilaine Agnez.

At the end of his life, Leonardo da Vinci arrived in Amboise, accompanied by his students. The King of France provided him with a residence, the Clos Lucé, and a servant… The novel plunges us into the midst of the Renaissance, taking us through the last months of Leonardo da Vinci’s life. Her encounter with this anonymous servant, an encounter made of silences and looks, is “set to music” by Michèle Desbordes’ magnificent prose, to the rhythm of the Loire and its changing skies.

This reading is supported by the association “Les Amis de Michèle Desbordes



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