Renaissance as Rabelais

Du 01/07/2019 au 31/10/2019
Musee Rabelais, 4 Rue de la Devinière, 37500 Seuilly, France


Digital, sound and interactive path

As part of the 500th anniversary(s) of the Renaissance, a digital sound journey combining innovative technical means will make it possible to discover the Rabelais landscapes that link the Rabelais Museum – La Devinière, to the Abbey of Seuilly located hundreds of metres away.
Thanks to a mobile application that can be downloaded free of charge, the sound stations will automatically be activated as the visitor passes by and will feature sound creations that enhance the atmosphere of the site, combined with readings of the novel Gargantua and texts by current writers hosted in residence at La Devinière.
The visitor-walker will experience both a sensory and literary discovery by following the interpretive path that unites the two symbolic places, and will thus be able to make a true contemporary reading of the landscape, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as a cultural landscape.



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