Shakespeare’s Last Dream – by Bruno Cadillon – by the Compagnie du Random

Du 14/06/2019 au 23/09/2019


A fantasy, a sweet delirium, a tribute to Shakespeare where three stories, three themes dear to the bard - love, death and theatre - are intertwined in an extravagant and tragic finale.

Shakespeare, who suffered a head injury after a fall, was brought home from London by his friend the author Ben Jonson. His three servants – largely inspired by The Midsummer Night’s Dream – rehearse a show for his birthday while becoming in his delirious brain, the witches of Macbeth, Hamlet or a gravedigger, while his wife, Anne, takes care of him, with a love that seems to be playing against time…

Comedy written and directed by Bruno Cadillon

With : Bruno Cadillon, Gilbert Epron, Emmanuel Faventines, Danièle Marty, Henri Payet

Decoration: Sandrine Lamblin

Costumes: Anne Rabaron

Stage Manager: Michel Druez

Calendrier :

14/06/2019 20:30-22:0041320 Mennetou-sur-Cher, France
15/06/2019 20:30-22:0041140 Thésée, France
05/07/2019 20:30-22:0037 Rue de Fougères, 41700 Fresnes, France
02/08/2019 21:00-22:30Jardin de l'Évêché, Rue du Prêche, 41000 Blois, France
14/09/2019 17:00-18:3041120 Fougères-sur-Bièvre, France



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