The Hotel Euverte-Hatte

Le 24/10/2019 de 12:30 à 13:15
11 Rue du Tabour, 45000 Orléans, France


The Heritage Break! Need a break between noon and two? Come and discover Orléans' heritage during a short visit from 12:30 to 13:15, on Thursdays once a month.

Built between 1524 and 1530 by the merchant and bourgeois Euverte Hatte on two medieval plots, this building preserves a beautiful inner courtyard decorated with Italian motifs. The street-side facade, characteristic of the first Renaissance in Orléans, blends Gothic reminiscences and decorations from ancient art.

Visits led by the guide lecturers of the City of Art and History Department of Orléans City Hall.

Limited to 30 people Duration 45 min: 45 min

Meeting point: 11 rue du Tabour – in front of the Centre Charles Péguy

Registration required: at the Tourist Office – Orléans Val de Loire tourisme (2 place de l’Étape) or on

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