François Réau: The night flees with its pains

Du 18/05/2019 au 07/06/2019
Rue de l'Hospice Saint-Roch, 36100 Issoudun, France


The artist François Réau invests the spaces of the former Hospice Saint-Roch d'Issoudun with a plastic and poetic device evoking events linked to the spirit of the place or "Genius loci" during the Renaissance and more particularly on 2 May 1519, the day of Leonardo da Vinci's death.

It is a global project that combines drawing and installation in a scenography that can be adapted to the exhibition space and places each of us at the centre of a sensory experience. This plastic device acts as a visual reference point in space and questions temporality as well as our human condition under the prism of matter and more particularly by exploring the relationships of movement and time. This plastic device, which evokes historical events and phenomena, sheds new light on the Museum’s collection of objects. Like the common thread of this exhibition, this device is played out between the effects of memory, the resonances of the exhibition space and the thread of a story. It links the history of the site with visitors. The Genius loci – the spirit of place – has resurrected by confronting contemporary work on these themes related to time and movement with works that refer to the aesthetics of another time.

François Réau thus invokes the path leading to Santiago de Compostela, the Milky Way, the sky map in Issoudun on the day of Leonardo da Vinci’s death… This creative project by François Réau was realized as part of his artist residency in Issoudun in 2018.

The exhibition is to be discovered for the Nuit des Musées, Saturday 18 May from 8pm to midnight and the artist will be present throughout the evening to discuss with the public



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