The role of the Printing House during the Renaissance – Thematic visit

Le 17/11/2019 de 11:15 à 14:00
70 Rue du Gén Patton, 45330 Le Malesherbois, France


Discover, through this thematic visit, the premises of this great cultural revolution that occurred during the renaissance, then its development.

The Renaissance is this period of modern times associated with the rediscovery of literature, philosophy and the sciences of antiquity. Then it is traditionally located between 1300 and 1600 in fact, it is really expressed in the 15th and 16th centuries. The word Rinaschita was first used by the painter and historian architect Giorgio Vasari in 1568.

In this context, it is hard not to think that printing as woken up by Johannes Gutenberg around 1450 did not play a major role in allowing the multiplication of texts in identical copies by means of a single operation. In twenty or twenty-five years, this discovery radically changed the pace and scale of book production, changing in turn their production system, their price and therefore their access.



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