The whims of a young king!

Le 23/08/2019 de 20:30 à 22:00
château de Champchevrier, 37340 Cléré-les-Pins, France


During a theatrical candlelight visit, you will follow Louis XIII and his whimsical desires during his stays at the Château de Champchevrier! Enchanting and humorous are on the agenda...

In 1619, the year of Louis XIII’s 18th birthday, the summer was hot…. At that time, the king enjoyed several visits to the Château de Champchevrier on the way to his brother Gaston d’Orléans. These are carefree parentheses for Louis XIII, far from the power struggles with his mother Marie de Médicis. Herouard, royal doctor, tells us very precisely in his diary the young king’s schedule in Champchevrier, in particular an anecdote: on 24 August after supper at the Château Louis XIII could not sleep on the satin bed that had been prepared for him and collected fresh straw to lie down there!

This story is the pretext for the theatricalized scenes that will add humour to the magical candlelight visits to the castle.

at 8:30 pm


Full price 11 euros

Reduced rate 9 euros

Family rate (2 adults + 2 children) 35 euros

Refreshments are offered at the end of the theatrical tour.

The castle: royal and family, Château de Champchevrier is located in the heart of a large wooded site, 25km northwest of Tours and 15km from Langeais.

It is a living Loire castle, inhabited by the same family for 300 years.

Built in the Renaissance and then embellished in the 18th century, it is protected by a moat still in use.

in water. From kitchens with an impressive collection of brass to ceremonial pieces, you will be surprised by its rich decoration and exceptional furniture.

You can also admire a superb suite of 17th century tapestries, unique in the world. Louis XI and Louis XIII came to this game setting.

Yesterday as today, going there allows visitors to experience an exceptional and original quality experience off the beaten track.



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