Château of Chenonceau


Chenonceau owes its architecture, the only example of its kind in the world, to Catherine de’ Medici, who had two high galleries built over the river, the château’s elegant signature, with its air of Ponte Vecchio
in the Loire Valley…

Château de Chenonceau © ADT Touraine Loic Lagarde

Christmas 2018 will mark the memory of this illustrious Florentine queen in each of her chambers, parlour and kitchens… with special creations by the château’s floral workshop and its scenographer, a winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (best craftsman in France) award.
The iconic Grand Gallery will feature prestigious collections of Cristal de Sèvres alongside the
lavish flower arrangements, a perfect alliance of 2 maisonsof French excellence

2019: Chenonceau will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Queen Catherine de’ Medici, in Florence in 1519. Chenonceau owes its immense refinement to her.

Spring: Opening to the public of its Apothecary’s room, a place which had completely disappeared. And new colours for the garden… From the historic building itself to its restaurants… Chenonceau will be revealing its history in a new light by focusing on this illustrious queen, considered as “France’s greatest king”.

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