Château Royal of Blois


In the favourite residence of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, dramas, scheming and power games have played out at the Royal Château of Blois over the centuries. It is a powerful theatre of history, but also a family palace where numerous children and future crowned heads played and grew up!

Château royal of Blois © D. Lépissier

2019 is the opportunity to celebrate the memory of Catherine de’ Medici at Blois.
She was born exactly 500 years ago and died in the Château in 1589. An emblematic Renaissance figure, her role as mother will be addressed in an exhibition entitled “Children of the Renaissance”, which will look for the first time at the habits and customs connected with childhood in the 16th century. 2019 will also see new gardens springing up:elegant and refined, with a contemporary layout, they will evoke the lost royal gardens.

Century after century, the château has never stopped reinventing itself
and celebrating its timeless “Renaissance”!

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