Royal Château of Amboise


Imagine a palace delicately placed on a headland over the River Loire and picture gardens that look as if
they are suspended between heaven and earth…

Le Château Royal d’Amboise vue de la Loire (Léonard de Serres)


It’s no surprise that Amboise was one of the sites most
prized by the sovereigns of France when they were radically transforming their country during the
Renaissance. Kings Charles VIII and Francis I, Leonardo da Vinci (whose tomb is in the Château chapel),
Queen Anne of Brittany or the last French king, Louis-Philippe, were all familiar faces here. And today the
view still takes your breath away! Turn around 180° and you will see the ramparts of a landscape inscribed
on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A living château largely open to nature, a haven for over 80 species of
birds, Amboise is also a place of innovation where new technologies, such as the HistoPad which
makes its appearance in 2019, regularly help to enrich your visitor experience.

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