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Du  20/12/2018  au  01/01/2020


Following in Leonard’s footsteps

This digital project offers an original interactive experience in the form of an initiatory journey in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci. Through a web-documentary...

Du  02/01/2019  au  31/12/2019


Catherine de Medici’s Room

Queen Catherine de Médicis was the owner of the Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire from 1550 to 1560.

Du  09/02/2019  au  27/12/2019


Aperitif at Château de La Rozelle “La Douceur de Léonard”

Born near Florence, Leonardo da Vinci probably tasted cantuccini, almond biscuits, to dip into a glass of sweet wine. Known for several centuries in Tuscany...

Du  07/03/2019  au  05/01/2020


Visit of the Cabu Hotel

Emblematic works from the collections of the Renaissance period will be displayed along the permanent route and will exceptionally be removed from the reserves.

Du  03/04/2019  au  31/12/2019


Exhibition “L’Hôtel Renaissance des Lallemant”

A pioneering building of the first Renaissance, Hôtel Lallemant is being rediscovered thanks to a new museography.

Du  07/04/2019  au  17/12/2019


Les Métézeau, a dynasty of Renaissance architects

An original exhibition to discover this family of forgotten or unknown architects!

Du  21/05/2019  au  31/12/2019


Leonardian machines

Installation of Leonardian machines in the garden of the Aimé Césaire media library.

Du  25/05/2019  au  31/12/2019


(Re)birth of a new garden at the Royal Castle of Blois

Born from the desire to reinvest an old place and to evoke the memory of the royal gardens of the Royal Castle of Blois, which...

Du  14/06/2019  au  31/12/2019


Decoration of the itinerant Court of Francis I

The new decor of Chambord will put King Francis I, its sponsor, back in the centre of the visit!

Du  15/06/2019  au  31/01/2021

The Queen’s Apothecary

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance in the Loire Valley, Chenonceau celebrates the 500th anniversary of the birth of Catherine de...

Du  13/09/2019  au  06/01/2020


Installation Cubiculum Musicae Leonardo da Vinci

Thanks to a visual and sound installation in the heart of the Musée de Beaux-Arts de Tours, the public will be able to immerse themselves...

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