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Du  02/04/2018  au  31/12/2019

“Azay’s Enchantments” dreamlike installations by Piet.sO and Peter Keene

A dreamlike journey designed by the artist-plasticians Piet.s O and Peter Keene inspired by the castle's Renaissance collections.

Du  08/06/2018  au  09/06/2019


The Future of Writing

A multidisciplinary event, Les Futurs de l'Ecrit connects artists and the population by blurring the boundaries between amateurs and professionals, who all commit themselves over...

Du  02/10/2018  au  23/09/2019


Shakespeare’s Last Dream – by Bruno Cadillon – by the Compagnie du Random

A fantasy, a sweet delirium, a tribute to Shakespeare where three stories, three themes dear to the bard - love, death and theatre - are...

Du  17/11/2018  au  28/02/2019



In response to a commission from Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, the American photographer Alex MacLean flew over and photographed the castles of the Centre - Val...

Le 04/12/2018

La Riche

Historical Café: Politics and Religion in the Renaissance: A New Report?

The Renaissance has often been considered to be the time of an increasing separation between politics and religion and a first secularization.

Le 13/12/2018


Concert-Creation “The King, Queen and Printer”

As a prelude to the Berruyère programme, the Bourges Conservatory transported us in April 1506, on the occasion of the solemn entry of Louis XII.

Du  20/12/2018  au  01/01/2020


Following in Leonard’s footsteps

This digital project offers an original interactive experience in the form of an initiatory journey in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci. Through a web-documentary...

Le 22/12/2018


Fairy walk “Star dust”

This year, the traditional Christmas wandering show marks the launch of the Viva Leonardo Da Vinci festivities in Amboise, but also throughout the Centre-Val de...

Le 01/01/2019


The Leonardo da Vinci Passage

This work is made by the sculptor Michel Audiard.

Du  02/01/2019  au  06/12/2019


Leonardo da Vinci, mirror of our thoughts of the 21st century

Writing workshops conducive to creation, imagination, experimentation, freedom of expression

Du  02/01/2019  au  31/12/2019


Catherine de Medici’s Room

Queen Catherine de Médicis was the owner of the Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire from 1550 to 1560.

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