Shared views on the Jacques Cœur road on the Château-Musée de Gien site

Du 04/04/2020 au 30/04/2020
1 Place du Château, 45500 Gien, France


A travelling photographic exhibition that will allow visitors to discover the architectural heritage of the Cher by following the Jacques Cœur Route; it is an opportunity to discover castles, monuments, churches etc....

The travelling exhibition continues and will be hosted at Castle-Museum of Gien

The “shared views” project aims to propose to the residents of 3 medico-social institutes, PEP 18, a joint artistic project, through the production of photos on a heritage theme, using the pinhole technique: an optical system in the form of a box with a tiny hole on one side that lets light in.

A professional photographer, Laurent Baude was on hand to guide the trainees through the creative process. He took them to 13 sites on the Jacques Cœur road to photograph the monuments with their own eyes, thus allowing them to discover the architectural heritage of the Cher through the romantic history of Jacques Cœur beyond the artistic activity.

The contemporary artistic creations obtained are the subject of a travelling exhibition on the 13 sites concerned, placed in parallel with the archival photos lent by the Médiathèque de l’architecture et du patrimoine, to show the group’s unique view of this common heritage.

A documentary was made and a book published.



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