48th Vocal Miscellany of Tours

Du 31/05/2019 au 02/06/2019


The only international choral singing competition organised in France, the Florilège Vocal de Tours brings together choirs from all over the world and an ever-growing audience every year for three days. Inter-category prizes, a Renaissance programme and an incentive to create works enrich the various competitions of the competition, which end with the award of the Grand Prix de la Ville de Tours.

The International Competition in a few words:

Imposed program: the choir chooses the works it wishes to perform; they must be from three different periods, including at least one written by a French composer.
Free programme: the choir gives free rein to its creativity by choosing the works it wishes to highlight.
– Grand Prix de la ville de Tours: at the end of the first two parts, the jury determines which choirs are eligible to compete for this final. The choir that has performed best in all the events wins this award.

An optional competition dedicated to early music: the Renaissance programme, an optional part of the competition featuring sacred or secular works composed between 1400 and 1600. The programme will include a work composed in the 16th century on a poem by Pierre de Ronsard and “Mignonne”, commissioned by the Florilège Vocal de Tours from the Italian composer Lorenzo Donati.

– Free concerts at the Opera of Tours and Place de la Résistance.
Open choir” workshops for a wide audience (adults and children), which will allow participants to discover the pleasure of singing in polyphony on Renaissance pieces.
– A round table bringing together French and Italian musicologists and musicians to introduce the public to the rich musical exchanges between France and Italy during Leonardo da Vinci’s time.

Info & reservations : http://florilegevocal.com

Calendrier :

31/05/2019 20:00-22:3034 Rue de la Scellerie, 37000 Tours, France
01/06/2019 20:00-23:0034 Rue de la Scellerie, 37000 Tours, France
01/06/2019 15:00-16:3020 Rue Nationale, 37000 Tours, France
02/06/2019 14:00-17:3034 Rue de la Scellerie, 37000 Tours, France
02/06/2019 18:00-19:30Place de la Résistance, 37000 Tours, France



Telephone number

02 47 05 82 76

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