Rehearsal opening at Château du Rivau _ Ensemble Perspectives

Du 23/04/2019 au 26/04/2019
Rue du Château, 37120 Lémeré, France


Come and attend the rehearsals of the Ensemble Perspectives' new program and discover the magic of the gardens and Château du Rivau.

Ensemble Perspectives is meeting at Château du Rivau from April 23 to 26 to create its new program L’Amantation. Before the concert on April 28th in Tours, attend the group’s exclusive rehearsals during a magical stroll through the gardens of the Château du Rivau.

“O all you who pass by, see if there is a pain like mine…”

This verse of the prophet Jeremiah takes us to witness. He begs us to hear his suffering. Poets and musicians will seize this cry that will become theirs. They will turn afflictions, moans, complaints and emotions of love into chords and resonances.

Deploring the destruction of Jerusalem, entrusting us with the tearing of the Virgin Mary, telling us the unfortunate destiny of Olimpia or even languid passions and torments in love, the great masters of the Renaissance are reaching out to the human soul which pours out to the accents of the voice. To answer them, a creation by Zad Moultaka will take a contemporary look at these timeless feelings.



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