Du 04/10/2019 au 31/01/2020
14 Rue de la Paix, 41000 Blois, France


Every year, the Fondation du doute invites artists in creative residencies. As part of the Viva Leonardo da Vinci 2019 -500 years of Renaissance(s) in the Centre-Val de Loire programme, the Foundation is hosting the project of four artists engaged on the adventurous paths of a highly symbolic "ascent".

Matthieu Reynaud, Bertrand Grosol, Jean-Paul Thibeau, Vahan Soghomonian have, as they had done before in 1924, from Blois, André Breton, Aragon, Max Morise, Roger Vitrac, crossed the territories of doubt and ventured on the paths of new representations. This team of individuals set out in search of a probable mountain, a new mountain, a symbol of universality, a continent in “rebirth”…

During their expedition to the borders of the Transcaucasus, they collected stones, plants, signs, shapes, words, recorded sounds, images… On their return, they continued the construction of an arch, sculpture- installation assembled throughout their residence, from materials referring to the distant landscapes, which they inhabited. A kind of habitat designed as a refuge for all exploration, a centre in the heart of a mountain of uncertainty.

“For a mountain to play the role of Mont Analogue, I concluded, its summit must be inaccessible, but its base accessible to human beings as nature has made them. It must be unique and it must exist geographically. The door of the invisible must be visible. “René Daumal – Mount Analogue.

To account for these multi-dimensional ascents, the Foundation of Doubt presents:


Introduction – Round table with the artists

Film screening: Song 6 followed by an exchange with the artists

Readings “from Gishi Base Camp” by Jean-Paul Thibeau

Travellers’ Banquet

Autonomous concert by Matthieu Reynaud

Installation realized by the 4 artists in the Cour du Mur des mots de Ben (until November 10, opening hours of the Foundation).

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