Renaissance Eating White


A recipe that combines:
– The hen, symbol of the Lower Court, which fed the villages of yesteryear.
The flesh of its fillets will provide the consistency
– The rose petal, a touch of femininity, delicacy, a touch of nobility
Its delicate fragrance will “spice up” the recipe
– The almonds, crushed whole, with the skin, a touch of 16th century exoticism that symbolizes the first journeys of humans, food, and therefore the exchange and sharing of knowledge.

Essentially mechanical means, few spices, and little salt for this terrine which represents by its original name the cult of light and purity…

Le Blanc Manger Renaissance… only the almonds have travelled, all the other ingredients are 100% Tourangeaux, even from the Pays de Bourgueil.

This recipe is available in 170 g cans, 2 years old DLC.

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