The art of French living

Le 01/12/2019 de 10:00 à 17:00
41700 Cheverny, France


A day at the Château de Cheverny dedicated to "L'art de Vivre à la Française".

On December 1st, the Château de Cheverny will offer you the opportunity to discover the many facets of “L’art de vivre à la Française”, celebrated and envied for centuries all over the world!

Thus, you will be able to attend workshops on “The art of receiving or French etiquette”, including one on “The art of receiving at the Renaissance”, every hour in the dining room of the castle, from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

The various stages of a dinner invitation, an alliance of splendour and simplicity, will be declined in this indefinable atmosphere that still governs this mysterious and closed world of French private castles:

  • The rules of dinner invitation
  • The arrival of guests
  • Protocol and decorum at the table
  • French-style dining
  • The table setting
  • The conversation at the table
  • The after-dinner meal
  • The departure of the guests

“An invitation to a “dinner in town” requires very specific rules and mastering them is not optional. It is a complex exercise that requires tact and delicacy, where chance takes up little space. The respect of the codes will make you the “ideal” guest that we will be pleased to receive”, specifies the Marquise de Vibraye, owner of the Château de Cheverny. And to emphasize: “Our country is a model when it comes to the arts of the table, gastronomy, refinement, aesthetics and elegance. This know-how and this know-how make our international reputation. Château de Cheverny had to celebrate this famous French way of life! »

Practical information:

– Workshops every hour in the castle’s dining room, from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

– Registration required on

– 19€/pers (in addition to the entrance fee)



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